Your Beautiful Face

Your face
When you smile,
Wrinkles in style,

That blush in your cheeks,
Is the passion your heart speaks.

Those cute freckles and that warm tan,
Reminds me how it all began.

The slow fading acne scars,
Those laughing eyes sparkling like stars.

It’s those simple discoloured lips,
To what my attention grips.

It’s your beautiful face,
Filled with so much of grace.

My heart skips a beat,
Making me fall for you on repeat.


The Dying Emotions

Can I have your attention?
What is your heart’s intention?
You seem happy this minute,
Next you’re in fury with no limit.
Do I see a smile in the corner?
Or is it sadness like a mourner.

Now now
Don’t you smother that expression,
Now you’re just watching me with question.
Convey your feelings human,
Don’t store them in the rumen!
Else will lead to stress and strain,
Leading to body pain.

So my friend,
Revive the dying emotions,
Cry out rivers and oceans.
Kickbox and release that temper,
From August to September.
Let play the chemistry of emotions,
As you feel biological sensations
Being alive,
As you thrive.

That’s What I Call Home

The excited voices of children at play,
Little pups wagging their tails in the hallway.

The familiar heavenly smells from a kitchen,
Holding hands together during prayer recitation.

Dancing into protective arms – a sense of belong,
The whistling tunes of an old school song.

Those warm bear hugs melting my pain,
Freshly brewed coffee and the rain.

That gentle caress of my shoulder,
Encouraging me to soldier.

That reassuring kiss on my forehead
It’s the love stirring in my soul
That’s what I call Home.

In my Thoughts

Before I met you,
Music and dancing was all new.

Since the time your hands held mine,
The toxic soul ties began to untwine.

As you confidently led me into Waltz,
Each step overlooking my faults.

“Don’t look down”, you whispered,
“Never look back at your past”, I heard.

Your empathy and patience in our silence,
Animated my life with resilience.

That rainy evening
Will always be in my thoughts,
As we waltzed
I danced feeling free,
My heart singing with glee.

Wish I had the opportunity to tell you,
That you took me right out of the blue!

I Know the Pain!

My trainer
He tells me..
Build strength, form shape
I know the pain.

Warm-up and stretch out,
Get going, don’t pout.
I know the pain.

I start off with squats,
Getting my hamstring into knots,
I know the pain.

Let’s do some crunches,
Then throw out cross punches
I know the pain.

Now don’t get too chirpy,
It’s time for a burpee.
I know the pain.

Next do a lunge,
I hear my knees crunch
I feel the pain.

He says,
Without pain, no gain
I know the pain.

And as I wait to hear
“Workout complete”
I feel the pain,
I see the gain.

Love tells me

Often when people disrespect and be blatant,
Love tells me, just be patient.
When others expect grandeur,
Love tells me, do not anger.
When the other looks merry and pretty,
Love tells me, not to envy.
When I come across persons insincere,
Love tells me, you must persevere.
And when I finally feel tired and frail,
Love tells me, it will prevail
Because Love never fails.

I Smile Anyway

Time and again trust,
Battered and bruised heart
I smile anyway.

Come seasons of wait,
Seasons of pain
Life is so gray,
I smile anyway.

Surviving difficult times,
Family resigns
Friends go astray,
I smile anyway.

Unemployed and bankrupt,
Feeling stuck
Almost castaway
I smile anyway.

Jus’ got to keep going
Through the climb.
What doesn’t kill you,
Makes you stronger.
I smile,
I smile anyway.