P for Patience

Over the years, I have grown into an impatient, short tempered woman. Once upon a time my friends called me the “peacemaker” because I was quiet, shy girl who only spoke up when spoken to and used to always make peace between classmates who had small tiffs. Now, I am this wolf clothed as a sheep who prances and pounces on any person who disagrees on my opinions or who just disobeys laws. Be it road rules, officials not performing duties or friends who don’t agree on politics. Sometimes, I have no control over my anger and then I tend to regret after taking it all out. I need to exercise retrospection and be more patient. Or it is just coz I’m growing older? *sigh*? I need to practice patience! period

O for Owl

Large headed, having a binocular vision with binaural hearing – this nocturnal bird lives a plain solitary and is called the wisest. All my childhood, I have come across stories wherein the owl is depicted as a wise old grandma giving solutions to the toughest of problems. ‘An owl’ they call me because I am a night person who is wide awake and active at night and snoozes through early mornings. Although I wish I had the wisdom of an owl as scary as they seem.

N is for Natural

It’s been more than 2 years that I am inclined towards using products be it cosmetics or medicine or condiments from natural resources or simply nature. And even though slightly expensive it has truly benefited my skin and health. Early man used natural products directly from plant or animal sources for various necessities or therapeutics and hence lived longer than the people of the present era. Today everything is made of harmful chemicals which might be cheaper and effective as used but does give rise to slow internal damage.

M is for Mushrooms

Umbrella shaped fungi, grown in the wild, fleshy and earthy; this describes my favourite food – the mushroom! My liking towards mushrooms grew very late in adulthood I must say. I probably realized I love this fungus a lot unlike the molds on various stuff in my kitchen.

I do salivate at the mere thought of mushrooms, let alone eating them. Grown in the wild, and colourful in the sketchbooks or children story books these seemed just like flowers or cones. Upon cooking them, there emerges this tasty, meaty food which is high in protein and has various health benefits.

L for Ladakh


The Land of High Passes as it is fondly known as is the place that I often dream of visiting. It’s at the top of bucket list and I can’t wait to visit there.

The scenic mountains – snowclad or otherwise touching the sky so high, the fresh air, the simple warm people and the picturesque Pangong Tso known as Pangong lake with its chilly blue green waters. Living here has always been a dream. Although, I fear the cold weather and the high altitudes, I truly wish to take the risk and visit here someday.

K for Kidney stone

2016 was the year of stress, tension and self-dehydration which ultimately gave birth to a kidney stone! My first stone, calculi they call it in medical terms, 5mm in size was formed in the upper pole of my right kidney. I was afraid and yet amused how a human body could produce a gem of minerals. What a thought.. stupid of me, I know! My homeopath guided me and through her medicines the stone vanished within 2 months. I was happy that it just vanished instead of it passing out with the pain and discomfort. From then on, I have made H2O my buddy and I sip some every moment.

J for Josh Duhamel

Tall, lean, dimply and expressive – yeah that my kinda guy! I fell for Josh Duhamel the first time I watched “Life as we know it” and then I went on to watch all his other hits. From playing a romantic in the movies ‘When in Rome’ & ‘Romantics’ to being an action hero in the Transformers series I love him in all these. It’s a feast to the eyes, just watching him on my laptop screen. A good actor and a handsome man Josh Duhamel is one of my all time favourite.

I is for Interviews

The number of interviews that I attended the past year, 19 to be precise was a whole lot and has got me seasoned to the interviewing process. That year was a real struggling phase of my career. Interview after interview, not restricting to a particular job field from customer service executive to business development and so forth it’s been quite a ride!

I remember my first interview in college placements – it started with a simple handshake and ended beautifully with the interviewer asking me the meaning of my name. And that was it – I had aced the job. The job that I refused to accept at a later stage, simply because I wasn’t interested in working in a software company.

Yes, so coming back to interviews, they do make me nervous at first, but once I am in my seat and comfy I glare out at the interviewer and try to barge into his head to figure out what’s his opinion about me – whether or not I will get the job. 90% of the times I intuit that perhaps he or she liked me. They say it takes just 7 seconds for a stranger or an interviewer in this matter to judge a person – Just 7 seconds! Hence, making a first good impression within those 7 seconds is critical and important. I always keep this in mind and then enter the interview room…

H is for Hospitals

As a kid I had a huge phobia of hospitals, sick patients, blood and still freak out at the sight of an injection! No wonder I ended in the technical field. Then as I joined for work, my projects included maintaining Government hospitals and the phobia turned into something beautiful – compassion.

As my time spent in these hospitals, some of which were in pathetic conditions, turned into hours, then days, months and years; I became habituated to the stench of medicines, blood and hospital grime and bleeding patients. I had grown towards liking hospitals and worked my best to make it a better smooth working place. Maintaining the working of elevators, the inverters, the cold & hot rooms, etc. became more of a deed than an obligation.

There were several critical times during power failures when the backup failed and it became a life- death situation, but thankfully I always came across a solution to avert the worst.

Hospitals, yes I miss them now that I have moved on to a different company.. I do miss the times (days & nights) spent there figuring out quick solutions for its smooth operation.

G is for Growing

Every year as my birth date approaches near, I sulk and think “Why do we have to grow?”

And then I wish for some pause button or at times rewind to my childhood days and replay those happier carefree moments with no responsibilities besides studies & exams. I really wish we would not have to grow at times. I do fear that time is running out on my birthday – time to accomplish dreams, time to make enjoyable moments, time to just pause and take in what life is offering.

But, life moves on and needs to be this roller coaster ride which has highs and lows else there would be no fun, no happiness or sadness. Growth! One grows and ages in various aspects – mentally, physically and yes even emotionally. I myself find myself emotionally stronger than a few years ago. Yes, growth is part and parcel of this roller coaster ride. It is the constant that we cannot detach from.