A is for Autograph

The A to Z blogathon is on! And is finally pushing me to pen down all the stumbling thoughts that keeping popping in my gray matter. So welcome in!


Reminiscing those good old days in the pre-internet era where kids would maintain scrap books or journals to collect autographs from classmates and friends as a memento of school or college life.  These books would be often handcraft and decorated with variety of coloured shiny pens and pencils. Some would even paste picture cutouts of their favourite film stars, movies and hobbies.

The contents of my autograph journal are still fresh in memory even though it must be in the company of dust mites and bugs placed at some corner of my house. I as a typical teenager had listed out some personal questions in purple shiny ink which were filled by my close school friends and respected acquaintances. The list included all usual questions like ‘favourite colour’ to ‘pet names’ and there were serious interrogations like, “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” to naughty queries like, “Who is your secret crush?” and “Whom do you find sexy?”. The last fill-out asked, “Any advice for me?” which often people wrote the most cliché line, “Stay the same, don’t ever change”.

Reading the autographs filled out by varied persons, puts up a bright smile on my face; sometimes leading to laughter. It’s indeed hilarious how a teenager mind functions and the simple dreams that they envision.

Following today’s times, in the internet age where babies learn to type before even learning to write properly; I doubt such scrap books are even bought let alone being used. While in the yesteryears, with no mobile numbers and no email addresses; this autograph book seemed the only way to remember one’s friends after farewell in future distant times. That being said this topic brought about a gush of memories of old friends and acquaintances who have impacted my life. This was the sole purpose of a simple autograph book with their handwritten wordings always to be cherished and never forgotten. All you had to request for was, “Please sign your Autograph!”

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