C is for Castaway

As far as I remember, most of my childhood thoughts dwelt on escaping the mundane life that a typical kid animates. Adventure was always and at all times on my mind! I dreamt of castaways and runaways. More of being castaway simply because I didn’t have the balls to runaway! (did try once but failed alas) *smirks* 😛

And few years later when the movie Cast Away released, I was thrilled and Tom Hanks became my favourite actor instantly. It seemed liked his character lived my dream of being wrecked on a secluded island alone (or not). He survived on small fish and coconuts ultimately losing some grinders in the bargain. But to me it sounded like a party at shore! The character portrayed appears brave yet patient as he attempts to spark a fire for the nth time. Yet at times he seems insane, when he draws a bloody face on a volleyball, calls it by its brand name ‘Wilson’ and starts forever conversing with it as his lone buddy.

Far along I learnt that this movie was inspired by the famous novel Robinson Crusoe which is said to be based on a true story. It showcased the castaway experiences of a Scottish Alexander Selkirk who lived on some island in the Pacific Ocean for more than four years! Lucky him I say! This man’s brave ventures read on Wikipedia are very inspiring.

In the same decade, during my teens, I happened to watch the Bollywood rom-com cum action thriller “Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai” which showcased lovers estranged on a beautiful island in Thailand. This movie raised my spirits considerably of now being lost with my future soul mate instead of being alone. And so began my dreams of us spending the day together happily. Me fishing, him hunting; him cooking, us eating and spending time besides the warm camp fire across the soothing ocean under the deep sky blanket.

As bizarre and delirious as it sounds, this wish of being Castaway someday stands awaited.


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