A to Z Blogging Challenge – April 2020!

1a-to-z HEADER [2020] to size v2

Well, this is a season where we all are forced to be confined to our houses with the whole world almost being under lockdown; there can be no excuses whatsoever to unleash the chronic writer from within!

With the ‘A-Z Blogathon Challenge’ in April 2020 making an appearance dot in the quarantine phase of my life, I have decided to push my lazy bottom aside and get back to writing away my thoughts. So, part of the challenge is to select a Theme in general which will form the base for the blog posts titled ‘A to Z’ every day of April except for Sundays.

The Theme that I have selected for this Challenge is – My Life Experiences. And so, I will be rambling away on my past experiences and perhaps it might help in self-reflection in this present moment.

You are welcome!

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