B is for Biking

There was a time when I was a terrified pillion rider. The mere thought of sitting on the passenger seat of any bike (geared especially), behind even a familiar person left me petrified. Probably, it was the fear in my sub-conscious mind left behind by an unfortunate accident in my childhood.

As so during the summer holidays, whenever my friend would coax me to learn the bicycle with her, I often pushed away making excuses. Finally, one day she did manage to convince me to sit across her brother’s tall black Atlas whose seat we couldn’t manage to adjust while she attempted peddling along a rocky path. And as fate had it, we fell off the next moment with her under the weight of the mighty Atlas and my leg stuck between the spokes of the behind tyre! I vowed to myself from that moment, never would I try to attempt riding a bike!

Nevertheless, 14 years later, I was forced to learn the two wheeler to travel to and fro these horrid school tuition classes. Eventually, I did manage to ride a non-geared bike and from then on my love for bikes augmented! Though, I must admit it was a tough learning experience, from falling off for the nth time to finally learning to balance without dangling my feet above ground half in air. By the way, I still can’t ride a bicycle, I mean not without the supporting wheels! (*smirks*)

And as my love kept growing for motorbikes (especially geared ones), I began learning to identify any bike by hearing just the sound of it’s exhaust. Well, I had a biker boyfriend back then who was often forced to be my tutor in this study. I was fascinated with biker movie, talks, racing, stunts, sports, motogp, et al. My favourite superbike was the Honda CBR Fireblade 1000RR. I had associated myself as a biker girl having posters around and constantly learning to perform easy stunts like wheelies and stoppies with my mother’s humble Honda Dio which were not very accurate at the 90 degree angle I confess. My puny self once rode a borrowed heavy geared bike but couldn’t manage the weight and I did promise myself to buy and own a superbike someday. That day still awaits..

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-03 at 1.17.39 AM

As college approached, my fondness towards the British Bullet bike began and I ogled at all the bullet bikes parked in my college campus and wondered how it would feel like to ride one of those.

Riding a bike to me is not merely a means of transportation but a journey, an experience that only a bike lover can contemplate. It gives me a sense of freedom, thrill and power as I race along roads and undiscovered paths, cornering at turns and vrooming ahead through rain, fog and sunshine moving my soul through Neverland!

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