B is for Beard


Beard as in the noun simply means facial hair which men proudly showcase. This one requires regular grooming and styling in order to avoid the ‘don’t care Hagrid look!’ Most men especially from Indian origins consider having a beard to be manly or masculine which is often linked to the toxic culture of male aggression and strength. While other men wear a beard to hide blemishes or to create an illusion of a perfectly leaner oval shaped face.

Whilst still others believe in promoting men’s mental health and prostate & testicular cancer awareness through famous movements – “No Shave November” and “The Movember Foundation”. These social movements encourage men to grow facial hair inorder to create cancer awareness and also to save on shaving costs to donate towards charitable causes and cancer research.

Beard as the verb means to be brave and courageous. Belonging to the female species and thus deficient in testosterone, I definitely can’t showcase my hairy beard, but believe to be bearded at situations that life throws at me!

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